Tea House

The Tea House of the Palacio Sans Souci is a pleasant meeting place where you can enjoy sweet and savory delicacies.

Tea is served in a collection of antique crockery of different origins and offers a wide variety of delicacies to delight you. You are welcome to celebrate birthdays or important events, to meet up with those people you want to see again or simply to spend the afternoon in our Tea House and enjoy the sunset in the impressive gardens of the place.

Let us know if you are interested in coming to celebrate a special date with your friends.

We want everyone to feel welcome, that is why at Palacio Sans Souci and the Tea House, we offer TACC-FREE options with prior notice to those who request it.

Reserve your spot for a guided tour of the Palace before tea which has an additional cost per person.

We provide free parking inside the Palace property.

Entrance by reservation only, by writing to casadete@palaciosanssouci.com or 54 9 11 5020 3440 (WhatsApp).

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How much does it cost and what does the price include?

The Tea experience costs $3.800 (august 2022) each person and includes:

  • Twinings tea of different flavors, tea threads and coffee. Orange juice. Teapot refill is unlimited.
  • Brownies, lemonies, biscuits of sablée dough filled with dulce de leche, banana and walnut pudding, and apple crumble.
  • Ham and cheese triples, cheese scones filled with smoked salmon and white cheese with chives.

How can I pay?

The deposit is paid by bank transfer and the balance in cash or debit upon arrival. If you wish to attend the guided tour, you must reserve it with the payment of the deposit in advance at the date of the Tea.

Is there a special menu suitable for celiacs and vegetarians?

Yes, previously agreed with the reservation.

Can children attend?


Can I come to celebrate my birthday or a special date?

In case you come to celebrate a birthday or special event, we offer letter cakes among other varieties of cakes.

Ask for our sparkling and soft drinks menu.

Are there any promotions for groups with a tour guide?


Is it possible to take the guided tour without attending the tea?

No. But it is possible to attend the tea without going to the guided tour beforehand. The tour takes place one hour before the tea begins and lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour at an additional cost of $1000.