Corporate events in the Sans Souci Palacei

Our team will provide you with the best advice before, during and after your event.

Class and Elegance

The Sans Souci Palace offers spaces that give hierarchy to your event.

The exclusivity that is granted to each client allows the event to enjoy absolute privacy and intimacy within the framework of an imposing Palace.

The halls and Gardens of the Sans Souci Palace give you the possibility of holding events from 30 to 1,000 people.

The events can take place both indoor and outdoor, offering different combinations of halls, galleries and gardens.

Access to the Sans Souci Palace is from Av. Del Libertador, and we have private parking.

Privacy for Corporate Events

The different halls and gardens of the Sans Souci Palace allow the spaces to be adapted to provide tailored-made solutions. Your event may have state-of-the-art technical equipment and professionals to assist you continuously.

You will have the possibility to choose different assembly options: auditorium, school, “U” arrangement, cocktail and banquet.

The Sans Souci Palace has competitive rates together with an agile, warm and professional service that works with each company, combining all the potentials to provide effective solutions to needs.

End of the Year Parties

The ideal place to celebrate

Working Days

Workshop and Team building


Reunions for small or large groups

Product Launch

In a unique environment

Training courses

In halls especially set up

Entertaiment for Clients

Cocktails, lunch or business diner