La Taberna del Palacio

At LA TABERNA DEL PALACIO, the exclusive restaurant of the Sans Souci Palace, we invite you to experience special evenings.

You can enjoy a dinner with a particular theme and entertainments to let your imagination run wild: menus prepared by leading professionals, wines from different Argentine wineries and music to create charming moments.

It is the right time to get carried away by the senses and find that combination of aromas, sounds, flavors, sensations and feelings that will connect you directly with the unique environment for the evening.

We want everyone to feel welcome, that is why at Palacio Sans Souci and the Taberna, we offer TACC-FREE options with prior notice to those who request it.

Reserve your spot for a guided tour of the Palace before dinner which has an additional cost per person.

We provide free parking inside the Palace property. Entrance by reservation only, by writing to or by calling 15-6694-6220.

  • Chef: Julio Villarreal
  • Head Sommelier: Miguel Nougués

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