Palacio Sans Souci


The Sans Souci Palace is located in the north of the City of Buenos Aires. This emblematic building’s construction was finished by 1918, and it shows a clear influence of French architecture.

Sans Souci Palace’s proposal combines open and closed spaces which will allow you to live different experiences. On your experience at Sans Souci Palace you will be assessed by our staff, which will offer you a wide variety of options regarding catering, setting and DJ.

Our History

Sans Souci Palace was designed in 1911 by eminent French architect René Sergent, and its construction was started by Eduardo Lanús and Paul Hary in 1914. The building belonged originally to Carlos María de Alvear and his family. It has four facades of faux stone, a parisian marble staircase, and its carpentry is made out of slovenian oak. Sans Souci’s gardens, designed by renowned French landscaper Carlos Thays, can be admired from the balconies and galleries of the Palace. The Durini family acquired Sans Souci Palace more than 50 years ago, and since then it has been used solely for commercial activity.


Before it’s restoration.

The Palace today.

Visit Sans Souci

Guided tours will only be available during the days we offer tea in Casa de Té or dinners in La Taberna.


Dinner unforgettable in La Taberna
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Unique afternoons in Casa de Té
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Palacio Sans Souci
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Eleonora LladhonEleonora Lladhon
12:24 17 Aug 22
Beautiful building, built with luxury and elegance unthinkable these days. Take tea in the winter garden, a nice experience, decadent and special.
iris buttaro ortiziris buttaro ortiz
22:56 04 Jul 22
Sans Souci palace-style neoclassical nestled in a neighborhood spectacular in full canyon, it is amazing the quality of your floors of slavonian oak, marble, walls lined timber stairs of marble, ceilings simple high. Many salons, blue, red, mirror, imperial, one more beautiful than the last. With several plants, the lowest for kitchens, plantabaja to reception and the top with the bedrooms and not more that the guided tour only take you through the halls. A very interesting sight and ended up with a lunch. I play to the table more beautiful, the better located. The place is dreamed of, away from my reality, but it is worth paying the visit. The gardens landscaped by Thays, with the style, with your topiaries, many buxus, laurentinos, araucarias, roads with magnolia grandiflora. The garden lacks a little bit of affection, but it is majestic. The Tavern on the Sans Souci Palace, it seemed to me a poor, had nothing too much taste, we were filled with flour. Never ate a chocolate mousse so tasteless, taste of anything... To the tavern, and the score is low, no would take again the visit with lunch. Paid the visit, and then I go to eat a good mousse to Mauricio Asta. Should the chef will ask you for the recipe... The service of waiters excellent, the tables were placed very poor, all the table cloths were all different, cups very ugly, I think that in my home I ware more quality.
Alfonso RamosAlfonso Ramos
05:30 10 May 22
A unique place for its architecture, immensely beautiful, level supreme, very well preserved, large category, we were in the center of the gallery was made more spectacular at the service Bar, Cigars and Whiskey, a privilege for the guests who enjoyed the entire night, it was amazing.
Analia SchoenfeldAnalia Schoenfeld
12:23 29 Mar 22
Stately and style. They organize events and guided tours. This very well maintained and has a museum of pictures (saints) belonging to the family Bar Durini
22:19 15 Jan 22
Excellent Palace, offer a great variety of dinner, tea and tavern. Always with prior reservation.The place is very cute, the courtyard in winter and gardens stand out. It is an ideal place to meet in the spring or summer because the extriores are very showy.They offer a guided tour, very interesting, in which you tell the story of the Palace, and the origin of the materials with which it is constructed and decorated as well as the works of art which you possess. Highly recommended.